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NBA Betting OddsNBA Betting odds: The NBA season kicks off on October 28, 2014 and ends with the 2015 NBA Finals in June. Throughout the season, Bookmaker Sportsbook offers daily updates to NBA odds, spreads, money lines, over/unders prop bets and more for you to bet on your favorite NBA teams. Sign into Bookmaker and start betting on your favorite teams today!

The 2014-15 NBA season is finally underway! And that means Bookmaker’s NBA Odds are now in full swing for you to cash in the best basketball league in the world. With multiple games going on nearly every day, there’ll be plenty of action all the way through mid-June. Since we’re just getting into the season, let’s get a refresher on NBA betting.

Betting With a Spread

Bookmaker NBA lines for individual games come with spreads – which are points given or taken from a team from the final score. For  instance, let’s say the Atlanta Hawks are playing the Toronto Raptors. Atlanta shows +4.5, -110 while Toronto shows -4.5, -110. That means the Hawks get 4.5 points on their final score while the sportsbook takes away 4.5 points from the Raptors final score.

So if you bet on Atlanta and they lose the game 99-100, you still win because you’re adding 4.5 points to the 99 the Hawks put up. The -110 for each team means you bet $110 to win $100.

Betting On the Over/Under

Individual games will always feature an over/under in the NBA odds. Betting on this simply means you’re betting whether the combined final score of both teams will be over or under the sportsbook number. So if the over/under on a game is 200 points, you can bet on whether the teams will combine to go over that number or under it.

Betting the 2nd Half

More advanced bettors can hedge their bets by making bets for the second half. These are wagers you can make during the game before the third quarter starts. Just like a full game, you can bet with a spread or a second half over/under. Many gamblers will bet on second halves if their original bets for the game aren’t looking so hot in attempts to make up for their projected losses.

Bookmaker offers daily updates to their NBA odds, making sure you’ll always have an opportunity to bet on NBA games. NBA lines are typically released the day before the game starts, so check the sportsbook to keep track of your favorite teams.

Bookmaker NBA playoffs odds

Prior to the start of the playoffs, the Bookmaker offers NBA futures – letting you bet on who will win each series as well as the NBA finals. Your window to make these bets is small since futures bets are taken down when a series starts. You’ll have opportunities to make futures bets on each series, so sign into Bookmaker as the teams progress through the playoffs.

Keep an eye out for special bonuses and promotions from Bookmaker throughout the season and make sure to maximize your earnings. Good luck this season!


Eastern Conference - Atlantic

Eastern Conference - Central

Eastern Conference - Southeast

Western Conference - Northwest

Western Conference - Pacific

Western Conference - Southwest

Live Lines


NBA - Mar 31 

4:35 PM 761 ATLANTA - - -
762 DETROIT - - -
4:35 PM 763 INDIANA +3-115 o199-110 -
764 BROOKLYN -3-105 u199-110 -
5:05 PM 765 SAN ANTONIO - - -
766 MIAMI - - -
7:35 PM 767 GOLDEN STATE +2-115 o214-110 -
768 LA CLIPPERS -2-105 u214-110 -


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