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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

By  Barry Barger

UFC Betting Online: The UFC Lightweight title fight won’t leave anything on the sidelines when the pervasive Frankie Edgar defends his 155-pound title for a fourth time against challenger and former WEC Champion Ben Henderson.

The UFC 144 fighting lineup is bound to bring a healthy growth in Japanese popularity with such a great fight card and UFC Betting Odds being so close for the main event between Edgar and Henderson.

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar (14-1-1) vs Benson “Smooth” Henderson (15-2-0) will mark a fight that could be monumental for Henderson if he proves to be the man that can finally figure out “The Answer” and wear him down. His three inch height advantage may help him in some way, but I haven’t seen heart like Edgar shows.

Edgar seems like a normal little guy until he gets in that Octagon, and then it’s like somebody let the Tazmanian devil loose in there. He is also not one of those crazy partying type winners that goes out with Hollywood types or other superstars.

He does catch a little bit of a hard time for his tie to the Jersey Shore people. He is truly from the Jersey Shore, and one of his buddies dated one of the crazy, hot girls from the show named JWoww. I am definitely not mad at him and actually like him even more if he got a little friendlier with any of those girls as long as it wasn’t Snookie!

Frankie Edgar is still -130 by UFC Betting Odds at BookMaker in this fight, and that line is the same as it was a month ago showing he may be a small favorite but not a big favorite against an equally tough and determined Ben Henderson. This is shaping up to be the fight of the year whether by Boxing or MMA Odds.

The bigger, stronger fighter is Ben Henderson though I am not giving him the same credit wrestling as I do to Edgar. I would expect Frankie Edgar to keep this fight up for the most part and win in a decision, but he can also handle himself on the ground and when he is down.

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