Bet on Super Bowl XLVI Props - Player to score first touchdown in Super Bowl XLVI

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

By  Evan MacKay

NFL Betting Online: Everyone loves points. The higher scoring the game, the better it is. Right Ravens fans? Okay, maybe not everyone loves offense, but in this one, neither side wants to see a slugfest.

Both the New York Giants and the New England Patriots got to this point behind the capable arms of their quarterbacks so don’t expect anything different in this one.

That means you should look for plenty of touchdowns in this one. Yet, who will be the first to scamper into the end zone? The Super Bowl XLVI prop available for you to wager on at Bookmaker asks just that.

At Bookmaker, under Super Bowl Props, this prop stands as the second item listed. Bookmaker has graciously provided you with twenty different offensive players to choose from. Or, if none of them suit your fancy, or you think one of the defenses will be able to return a turnover for a touchdown right off the bat, then you can choose the field at +750.

However, if your mind is set on choosing a player, you have plenty of options at favorable odds.

First up is the favorite, tight end Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots. Gronk currently sits at +500 because of his incredible, record-shattering season. The big rookie is the favorite goal line target of Tom Brady, and as a result pulled in 17 touchdowns on the season.

However, the physical specimen is hobbled with a high left ankle sprain that had him in a walking boot earlier in the week. Keep an eye out on his status before making him your pick.

If you want a bit of a dark horse then look no further than Brandon Jacobs at +1200. The big bruising back is often used in short yardage situations, having scored the only rushing touchdown for the Giants this postseason. If the Giants can get the ball into position, then the enforcer could put his head down and end up in the end zone first.

What’s that you’re yelling at me? Brandon Jacobs is hardly a dark horse because everyone and their grandmas know the Giants put him in at the goal line? Fine, but next time you don’t have to yell.

Here’s a real dark horse for you then: Tom Brady.

Yes, I know passing touchdowns don’t count. I select the Hall of Famer because he is not afraid to call his own number in goal line situations, considering his unreliable backs. Brady has one rushing touchdown this postseason already, along with three during the regular season. Considering he comes in at an astounding +2500, choosing right in this bet on the Super Bowl XLVI prop could yield you big bucks.

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