American Idol - Gambling On Starstruck Contestants Is A Loser

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

By  Barry Barger

American Idol Betting Online: The American Idol 12 is now set, and there are many singers that can be eliminated now just like Jeremy Rosado was an obvious choice to go home early.

It’s already at a ridiculously sappy pace as the first of many over-hyped hopefuls was sent home from American Idol’s top 13 and rightfully so for a longshot by American Idol Gambling Lines. Jeremy Rosado didn’t look to be one of the finalists from the 112,000 mostly unemployed and living at home people that found time to audition in front of three judges that get way too much air time (except Jennifer Lopez of course.)

Lopez picked him for the extra spot sing off and gave him a shot to be the thirteenth person that was added to the finals. I am all about being nice to somebody especially if they are overweight, unattractive and clueless. The problem with this “ act of kindness ” to lift a person’s self-confidence is that you can’t jump multiple levels in praise or it backfires.

Rosado is a dude that was already praised one too many times (exactly one time) in auditions which would pass as OK, but now this lump of coal actually is talking like he believes he is good enough to do something. Cmon, this idiot said he may try to copyright “ Jer-Bear ” after Lopez called him that and kissed him on the cheek twice.

It just got worse as he tried to make his 15 seconds of fame (sorry Andy Warhol but you were wrong) saying he was going to be in a TV show and a couple of movies. I’m almost crying I feel so sorry for this hopeless human when he reaches for the stars with “ I’m going to win an Oscar…I want to win 17 Grammys blah blah blah. ”

This kid got a small taste of reality when Idol’s new critic-in-house, Jimmy Iovine, ripped into his shortcomings. That’s his job, he is actually sharp and concise to listen to for American Idol Gambling advice and Number 13 got a little defensive not able to take that criticism which is only starting my friends.

He has just entered a deep dark black hole with no way to see up or down and take a guess who will not be around with a flashlight, advice, a kiss on the cheek or even a “ Jer-Bear ” for luck. Jennifer Lopez has left the building and your life Jeremy Rosado, American Idol castoff who was actually First Off.

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