Academy Awards Betting Odds - Best Original Screenplay Favors Woody’s Writing

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

By  Barry Barger

Academy Awards Betting Online: The 84th Academy Awards are looking like a year for “The Artist” except that Best Original Screenplay is another Woody Allen favorite by the predictable Academy voters.

This writing category for Best Original Screenplay is used to having Woody Allen nominated as he has been nominated 15 times and is favored to win another Oscar by the BookMaker Academy Awards Betting Odds.

The Artist – Michel Hazanavicius ( +240)
You cannot argue with the originality of writing a silent movie decades after the talkies took over the entire motion picture industry. The move is also ballsy and must have taken some serious selling to get a major studio to go all the way with it. This would be quite an upset by most Academy predictions, but isn’t it time Woody Allen gives way to the new guy?

Bridesmaids – Annie Mumolo & Kristen Wiig ( +3000)
This film surprised me more than almost all that I saw this past year because of how well written it was. I went in wondering what I was doing in a women’s version of “Hangover” with my buddy when we could have been at the bar. This witty turn in comedy from the women’s point of view had me laughing out loud and enjoying the story throughout. Comedy writing can easily fall into imitations of characters instead of actual people that are not cartoonish in nature. This screenplay was smart, funny and worth looking at for those people lucky enough to have a vote for the Oscars. This would be the bargain of the board in my opinion based on the Academy Awards Betting Odds and is worth an Oscars bet.

Margin Call – J.C. Chandor ( +3000)
The language brought across by Chandor does just what movie scripts are supposed to do in making the language convey your story even before any explosions or killings begin. Language is king, and this banking grabber has everything from desperation to misleading to celebration all in the way the words are written and spoken. This is J.C. Chandor’s first screenplay, so you can expect to hear his name again for this same elite group.
Midnight In Paris – Woody Allen ( -700)
The Academy loves the Woody Allen movies, and I get it that he has longevity and talent working for him and his 23 Academy Award nominations so far. His biggest and probably only challenge in this category is Michel Hazanavicius for “The Artist” which will probably have too many Oscars already by this time. This movie also made the most money of any of the past motion pictures done by the legendary Woody Allen which will probably guarantee him another Oscar. UGH!

A Separation – Asghar Farhadi ( +2200)
This Iranian movie is a truly original writing effort based around a couple married but torn between two decisions. They can either care for an elderly parent by staying in Iran or make their 11-year old daughter’s life a better one by leaving. This effort is not predictable and is an amazing writing effort worth notice and recognition.

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