2012 USA Presidential Election - Barack Obama Is Slipping And Mitt Romney Is Betting Craps

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

By  Barry Barger

Elections Betting Online: The political machines are just starting to get in gear which makes this a great time to sell you a DVR or TIVO so you can fast forward to all these Presidential Election 2012 commercials that need a lie detector device attached to them.

It seems to be fairly obvious that the President really is not in touch with the normal public, and I’m betting he doesn’t even know the date of the 2012 USA Presidential Election. OK, he probably can guess that one but I bet he doesn’t know where he was born.

He was born in Hawaii allegedly right. I actually believe that especially after his best friend, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, bought the island of Lanai for over $500 Million. This way, Lar and Bar (Larry and Barack nicknames from jail time) can re-do any birth certificate or hospital records they want to. The kicker is that they can play golf for free now also. That Lar is a hoot.

Seriously though, I would expect to see President Obama to put a domestic every day guy kind of campaign into overdrive to try and salvage his relatable personality. I’m not a big fan of Barack Obama or his policies, but if I were him I would giggle to myself every time I saw a picture of the guy I would be betting I will beat in the USA Presidential Election in 2012, Mitt (CD) Romney.

This next piece of advice is only for those of you that either live in a jungle, in a shoe or don’t and that is not to take the sucker bet on Ron Paul +7500 at BookMaker. I’m not even sure if that guy has gotten out of bed this month.

The elections for President isn’t the only different wagering option BookMaker offers, so you can bet Reality TV shows, all sports and let us know if we miss anything.

The 2012 Presidential race betting odds has President Barack Obama -155 a slight favorite over (Cram) Mitt Romney +135 but Obama used to be a heavy favorite.

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