Bet on the NBA - Chicago Bulls beat down Orlando Magic without Derrick Rose

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

By  Evan MacKay

NBA Betting Online: All the drama of the past year surrounding the future of Dwight Howard came to a temporary end this week when the dominant center signed his option to remain with the Magic through at least next year.

Dwight did so after months of scrutiny over his trade demand and a perception by some that he was holding the Orlando franchise hostage.

Yet, games like the debacle against the Chicago Bulls on Monday do plenty to justify Dwight’s desire to leave his first and only franchise.

If you used Monday night’s contest between the Magic and Bulls for a bet on the NBA, I hope you didn’t put much faith in Orlando’s perceived home court advantage.

The Magic scored a mere 59 points en route to a 26-point loss. To make matters worse, the Bulls did not even have reigning MVP Derrick Rose available for this game.

Dwight did his job, going 8 for 12 for 18 points, 12 rebounds and 3 blocks. However, the supporting cast around Superman apparently all decided to take the night off simultaneously.

Not counting Dwight’s productive night, the Magic as a team scored 41 total points on just 28 percent shooting. Can you really blame the guy for wanting a change of scenery?

The Magic supporting cast stands at the entryway waving Dwight out the door with the way this squad has been playing as of late. The Bulls, on the other hand, can apparently win games with only their supporting cast.

With Rose on the bench again with yet another ache and pain, the Bulls got big nights out of Booozer with 24 points and 13 rebounds as well as 4 steals on the defensive side of it. Also, John Lucas III put forth another stellar effort, scoring 20 points off the bench including 4 of 7 from behind the arc.

The Bulls took care of the Magic here in a way that no one could have predicted. Don’t feel bad if you did not see this one coming with your bet on the NBA, but maybe use it as a learning experience. Dwight’s supporting cast is not to be

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